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Here you can be a detective, look for clues, and catch dat crook! Feel free to do the detective time!

Leaders: Clovergirl Epicnugget (sorry idk how to make you co leader)

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  • discussion page Talk:Rules
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  • edit Rules
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  • new page Rules
    created by Clovergirl
    New page: ok so we will set up rules here fellow detectives! 1. you can cuss but if a child 9- is here, do not curse in front of them 2.NO BULLYING! otherwise...
  • new page Case 3: Banna Contrubiter
    created by Clovergirl
    New page: Bannasplit'a on the loose!!
  • new page Case 2: The Argument
    created by Clovergirl
    New page: hey detectives so i have some news, solve the case of the argument between nugget and blossom. heress the picture. please help me get they're...
    Summary: case
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  • new page Loveanime
    created by Clovergirl
    New page: your not allowed on the wiki. detectives if you catch him, please let me know and i can block him
    Summary: case (well kinda)
  • new page Ballono..
    created by Clovergirl
    New page: your officially blocked from my wiki if you have anything to say, say it on my youtube vids
  • discussion page Talk:IT IS TIME
    new comment by Clovergirl
    Comment: XDDD YAYY

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